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Lametta Lamour- The spark in the dark

Making Titts glitter since 2018

In a shimmering chaos, with a big heart and a glass of champagne in her hand, she rules and rules in her kingdom of all that sparkles and glitters. A space hippie who believes that love, understanding, color and glitter are the solution to everything. ​


In 2023, Elin Mångren "Lametta Lamour" began her journey with Det Vackra as one of the founders and key people in the business. You can buy many of her creations with us in the store, but also unique designs she acquired on her many travels. It is very likely that what you are looking at in the store was purchased, created by her or one of her creative friends. She creates unique, eye-catching jewellry, accessories and fun interior design. ​


Her introduction to Burlesque started around 2015 when she took her first course. Here she found her love for glitter crafts and started making *burlesque tassels, pasties to order for other artists. She has since developed her craft and made burlesque tassels for many of Sweden's biggest artists. It is said that her burlesque tassels and pasties are the best in Sweden when it comes to design and quality. ​


In 2019, she started the association Wimmerby burlesque society in Vimmerby together with Marilyn Merlot and Tittie Ó Plenty. A beloved association that wants to spread a little glamour, glitter, joy, decadence and contribute with community, self-love and body positivity through the art form of burlesque (Burlesque). Read more about the Wimmerby Burlesque Society! ​


Do you want to know more about burlesque as an art form? Read more in our latest article in Dagens Vimmerby! ​


* Burlesque tassels & pasties Is jewelry that covers the nipple. Those without tassels are called Pasties and those with tassels are Tassels, those for the butt are called Assels. They can be attached everywhere on the body using body glue or wig tape. There are different variants, shapes and sizes. Those with tassels are used in the sport of Tasseltwirling, where in your act/performance make the tassels spin in different ways and directions through movement. Lametta Lamour's design is developed for the ultimate tit spinn! ​

Lametta Lamour

Thanks! I wish you sparkle rain and champagneshowers!


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